Ballroom dancing is sexy

Ballroom dancing was something that Allie had always wanted to learn to do. She loved how graceful and elegant the dancers looked and how poised and professional everyone seemed. She thought of this as a far fetched fantasy until she learned that ballroom dance lessons were going to be held local to here hometown. She got online to get more information and sign up to take the ballroom dance lessons. There were many people who were interested in taking these lessons, and Allie was unsure if she would be able to secure a spot in class.

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Later in the afternoon she was still thinking about the ballroom dance lessons and obsessing over whether or not she would get a place in the class. She decided that she needed a distraction. She logged onto her favourite porn site to watch a video and the images of two people fucking both aroused and distracted her. She laid back on her bed and began to rub her clit. Allie inserted a finger into her pussy and moved it in and out. She could feel an orgasm building as she moved her finger faster inside her pussy. She took her finger out and rubbed her clit as she climaxed. Allie was feeling much more relaxed as she checked her email again. She was happy to see that she had received an email from the ballroom dance instructor informing her that she had, indeed, landed a secured place in the class. She was beyond excited.