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Real loving sensual massage videos

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These aren’t really real couples, but they are very loving sexy sensual massage videos, and the orgasms looks pretty real… these are all from the sensual massage section at hegre-art.com

Title:The Naked Masseur
Description:This is a first! The masseur steps naked into the limelight to give himself and his client a shudderingly thrilling experience. So who is the star of the show? You decide. He is totally in control. He moves with professional skill from the slow oiling and rubbing all over to the ever more intimate stroking of lips and clitoris – and beyond. We can see the proof that he is moved by their experience. Finally she must reach the longed-for climax and hold back no longer. Her triumphant smile says it all.

Title:Thai Oil Massage
Description: Filmed in a stunning beach-side location on the Thai island of Ko Samui, this film features four stunning models. The massages take place in a white cabana, with the warmth of the sun on naked skin, the sound of the ocean rolling in the background and the scent of flowers in the air. Simply viewing these sublime scenes will help to iron out the strains and stresses of your day

Title:Tantric Massage – Volume 1
Description:Experience the ancient sexual techniques of Tantric massage in this erotic film featuring a male client. Performed by our in-house masseuse Zana, a highly experienced Tantric Goddess from Hungary, this explicit film was shot in Paris. Zana take you through a full Tantric Massage session featuring all the sacred rituals such as Bonding, Tantric Play and Yoni/Lingam gazing. This is a unique opportunity to watch a complete Tantric Massage.

Title:Orgasmic Massage
Description:This breathtaking film features French model Amandine receiving an intimate pussy massage. Watch as Amandine is taken on a journey of ecstasy by a topless masseuse, experiencing an involuntary and very real orgasm! After the massage, Amandine frankly discusses the experience of receiving an orgasm from another female. She chats about her own sex life and, unable to contain herself, masturbates to orgasm again!

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Girls Out WestReal Orgasms Rating 5 stars

This is one of the best sites on the web for videos of real couples having sex. It’s an Australian site, so most of the couples are Australia, but some are from different parts of the world too. Just one example of the awesome boy/girl real sex content they have is Brad and Kara – Brad is a male stripper, and Kara is his gorgeous gorgeous girlfriend. Their videos are mega hot – including one shot in an alleyway when he drives Kara completely crazy and she can’t help but scream. But there are heaps of other couples on the site and more are added all the time, as well as great solo and girl/girl amateur style content.

abbywinters.comReal Orgasms Rating 5 stars

Although abbywinters.com does not have a lot of boy/girl real couple content, what it does have is superb. After a number of years specializing in natural amateur and girl/girl content, they have also recently said they are going to start shooting boy/girl content again. The couples they have shot so far have been boyfriend and girlfriend, and the sex has been very very hot – and real. Overall abbywinters.com is a top class site, and they also do a great line in real orgasm videos – via their “Intimate Moments” section . This features stunning young ladies masturbating themselves to orgasm in front of an stationary camera.

Warm KissReal Orgasms Rating 5 stars

Warm Kiss might not look the flashest of sites, but WOW, it’s content is fantastic. I don’t think these are all real couples, but the sec is most definititely real! The guys always comes inside the girl (just like in real life), and the couples are all very young and sexy.

Sell Your Sex TapeReal Orgasms Rating 5 stars

Sell Your Sex Tape is a site where young couples sell their home sex tapes for $2000. There is some really hot home sex videos here of real life couples making love. They film themselves for one hour a day across a week (including loads of sex) and the results are a fascinating and very hot window into the lives of these young couples.

IM LiveReal Orgasms Rating 4 stars

Im Live has interative webcam seesions with real couples getting down and dirty. These couples are very sexy, and for real couple webcam sessions you can’t bat IM Live.

Adult Friend FinderReal Orgasms Rating 4 stars

One of the best places to find real sex videos is at this international dating site. A lot of people will know it has a swingers website, but it has a truckload of user submitted video content from its members – many of course who are real couples. Personally I much prefer to be able to match any amateur sex video I watch with a profile and learn something about the couple. It is so much sexier knowing these people are real, and in most cases are actually looking for others to fuck too.

Home Porno Tapes Real Orgasms Rating 4 stars

Home Porno Tapes is another of those sell your sex tape for cash sites. These some really nice real life couples, getting low down and dirty and having real proper couple sex. Nice.

Watch Us Fuck Real Orgasms Rating 4 stars

Misha is an internet sensation, and Watch Us Fuck is her awesome awesome website. You will go a long long way to find a better blog featuring absolutely real couples – this blog does not just feature videos of the hot hot Misha fucking her boyfriends… it is a window into her life, as she falls in and out of love, travels, and just hangs out. Watch Us Fuck truly wonderful. It is REAL. You get to watch a real couple fall in love, have the best sex you will ever see on the web (I kid you not), and then follow their lives as they break up and find new love. Misha is absolutely stunning, and she still updates regularly with solo shoots and her new sex life with Yan.